Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I have the heart of a small boy...

... it's in a jar.

note to myself:

Love thy beer-belly.
Take one minute at a time.
Unwind, little one, unwind.
Before there was now, there was time before this time.
Little by little.
Love thyself but love others deeper.

Lykke Li

Monday, October 24, 2011


tis the season...

I hear ya charlie.


love is the foundation of art.
inspiring our most vicious thoughts; and our most profound
we have love to thank.
one feels such emotion
creativity becomes the only way to express and release
look for the love in the one you desire's (he)art
hopefully it's you.

so I wait.

I'm here
can you not see me?
maybe you are not looking...

I have pictures to show you,
questions to ask
dreams to make.

I won't shout
I won't write
I won't call out your name...

because if you wanted me,
you'd know where I am.

face your memory.

the human brain cannot create  faces. therefore when you dream,  if you you see someone you do not know, you have seen their face before - even if it was for a split second.

in reflection.

monday smiles.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

this is halloween.

get your pumpkins, embrace your dark side... this is halloween.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

worry not.

don't think about all those things you fear. just be glad to be here. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

words running madness.

the problem with being a dreamer, a writer, a poet, is not that they feel more than everyone else. It is that they cannot escape from it. all the pain, ache and explosions,- others can dismiss as merely a feeling that cannot be contained. but for us, there are endless words to describe the way we feel, to actualize the feeling, to give it existence, to gravitate them. the irresistible impulse to label everything, to get to the bottom of every unexplainable feeling is crippling. to live as a writer is non-apologetic. everywhere that you try to escape to, is aesthetically numb. even when you do not see what reminds you of it, words are running madness inside your head.
thank you lelove

hold tight.

sometimes I have the strangest of feeling about you. especially when you are near as you are now. it feels as though I had a string tied here under my left rib where my heart is, tightly knotted to you in a similar fashion. and when you go, I am afraid that this cord will be snapped, and I shall bleed inwardly.
Jane Eyre

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

miss representation.

released so soon... can't wait to see this brilliance. reminds me why I love marketing and communications. the sexuality of the woman and the direct correlation with media. amazing.

Miss Representation 8 min. Trailer 8/23/11 from Miss Representation on Vimeo.