Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sexting etiquette from 1922

remember that every word of writing is immutable evidence for or against you, and words which are thoughtlessly put on paper may exist a hundred years hence. Always keep in mind and never for one instant forget that a third person, and that the very one you would most object to, may find and read the letter.
Emily Post Ettiquette, 1922

stay at home children.

I am finding it hard to stay and even harder to go. weekending away and a full fridge is the real seller.

good at nothing.

my ability to do nothing really well worries me. in no way is it hard for me to putter through a day with a sense of accomplishment. the key is a dog,  fresh air and good books. happy summer.

bookmark this baby.

the domain is now implicitlyput.com. change your bookmarks everyone we're here! we're queer get used to it!

Monday, June 27, 2011

the company you keep.

though you may have no intention of becoming like the people around you, if your mother is miserable & your girlfriend is homicidal & your best friend is a misogynist, you will unconsciously begin to mimic & imitate all these behaviours. Unless you want to be miserable, the best thing you can do is extricate yourself from these types of people…
thank you gala

inspiration is what you are to me.

Taking responsibility for yourself is so incredibly liberating, & here is why. It will show you what innate power you have within you. Look at all the things around you, good & not-so-good. You have attracted them into your life, whether you believe it or not. & in a worst case scenario, if you can create awful things for yourself, like horrible relationships, crappy jobs & a general sense of malaise & apathy, think what you could create if you focused your attention in a different way! What if, instead of thinking about how bad everything is all the time, you thought about how WONDERFUL life is? Because even if you look around yourself & see things which make you unhappy, surely you must acknowledge that the world is full of marvellous things too. There’s love & music & art, delicious food & springy green grass, snowflakes & puppy kisses, hula hooping in the sunshine & exploring new cities. There are fresh vegetables & false eyelashes, majestic mountains & elephants, dreams & adrenaline, sky-diving & gardening…
thank you gala.

case you were wondering.

you can make a bad day instantly better. you can make me laugh harder than anyone. you bring out a smile on me no one else can. your face lights up the room. your voice makes me never want to stop listening, your eyes pierce me, you touch goes into me. you are handsome, smart and the most wonderful person I have ever met.

ink my whole body.


I moved to the jungle.
swam in the sea and climbed mountains.
saw the most beautiful sunsets anyone could imagine.
picked avocados from a tree and saved a baby chickadee.
I woke up to the sound of port of spain.
and fell asleep in a hammock wrapped around him.

forgive me for not blogging.

you give me the best sleep I've ever had.

Friday, June 24, 2011