Friday, March 25, 2011

email from the ex.

23 March at 17:13 
You are a nut bag.
A. You clearly did get this you probably just forgot who I was
B. I was not your frown leader bc we went to different schools
So what's new? Tell me something about your life these days and I'll
pretend to be interested like some sort of 'friend' or 'peer' or
something other than a hate filled ex who's sanity and hope for
hapiness was raped.
I saw that in an email today and had fun recreating it. In fact that
emoticon is the most fun I have had with you since imagining I rolled
you up in a carpet and threw you off a bridge.
Ex's and ew's
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thank you lilleyman


why is monday so far from friday? and friday so close to monday?
shake your money maker. tgif.

people don't forget.

this. or that time you cried and called your mom when you got punked.

haters gonna hate.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Im a confident liar
Have my head in the oven so you know where i'll be
I try to be more romantic
i wanna believe in everything you believe
I was less than amazing
I do not know what all the troubles are for
I fall asleep in your branches
you're the only thing i ever want anymore
the national

talk it over coffee.

everyone knows the therapy in a cup or coffee. the ritual in your morning brew. but did you know that it is actually proven by philosophers that some of your best thinking happens over a cup of coffee. Scott F. Parker and Michael W. Austin explain how, coffeehouse is one of the few places open to everyone where gathering and lingering are encouraged, where leisure (as distinct from entertainment) is a goal. This seems crucial. In our world of endless distraction and constant surface-level attention, coffee plays an interesting role. On the one hand, it contains caffeine, and the stimulation it provides can be used to live an even more kinetic life. On the other hand, drinking coffee can be one of your most intentional and deliberate acts. You take time out of your day to do something that brings you simple pleasure. And the fact that coffee is generally served hot helps because it requires that you pay attention -- you literally have to slow down to drink it. I think focusing like this, even just for 15 minutes at a time, is critical for mental health.
"One thing I want to encourage is treating coffee in this latter mode -- slowing down, enjoying it and using your coffee time for paying attention to the world--and the caffeine helps with this. Drinking coffee doesn't necessarily lead people to do philosophy, but I want it to give them a chance."
thank you huffington post 

in spirit of the moon.

it's in the stars. a wonderful guide to attracting and loving your star.
thank you gala 

cougar town.

look at my rings my rings my rings!
look at my rings my rings my rings!
look at my rings my rings my rings!
this will only impress the small part of the population who loves cougar town like I do.

seat at the bar.

saddest girl to ever hold a martini.
vanilla sky.

la la land is calling.

I'm ready to go.

I dreamt this.

come in she said I'll give you shelter from the storm.

shakespeare says.

when I saw you i fell in love and you smiled because you knew.
love is not love
which alters when it alteration finds
or bends with the remover to remove
O. no!  it is an ever fixed mark,
that looks on tempests and is never shaken.
it is the star to every wandering bark.
whose worth's unknown 
although his height be taken.

expectation is the root of all heart ache.

square pants wisdomosity.

I never wanna stop.

my hip your hip.

when i dip you dip we dip.

Friday, March 18, 2011


do what you want with this friday eve. it is yours! I will be having a glass (bottle) of wine, talking sweet nothings and a bath. tgif lovelies.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I can't imagine a day not in this spell.
were going backwards the right way.
inspiration to get my act together is everything right now.
the others seem so irrelevant.
sometimes you feel something and you wonder
how long you lasted so long with out it.
or if you ever felt it before this at all.

Friday, March 4, 2011

big bunny.

amidst looking for plane tickets to lala land and watching the hbo hugh hefner special I came across this gem. now I realize it's an economic crisis and print magazine just isn't racking in the big bucks like it used to... but I've been to the playboy mansion twice now and neither time was my commute ANYthing like this... get at me hugh.


take a break from the waves, come swim in my hair.

girls be girls. boys be gross.

I asked my best mate the other day after a casual dine with a suitor, "so0o what do you think?" and she said "...he's you, you guys are the exact same." I reply "I know right?!" smiling... she looks back at me and meets my eyes " he's a dude, it's not okay that you act alike." kinda taken back... I thought about it, and she is right. my background in women's studies always insisted there is an eternal double standard that is unfair, and I have whole heartedly agreed. but thinking more about it, maybe it's a good thing? maybe that keeps the balance of the men as men and the women as feminine. yes I realize ALL the panties in a knot if I were to share this back in one of my women's studies classes, how wrong gendering is.. .yada yada. but for the sake of promiscuity, maybe equality wasn't the best policy. chuck klosterman writes "for the past twenty-five years, culture has been obsessed with making males and females more alike, and that's fine. Maybe it's even enlightened. But what I have noticed- at least among young people- is that this convergence has most likely just prompted females to adopt the worst qualities of men. It's like girls are trying to attain equality by becoming equally shallow and selfish." He goes on to note how this has been absorbed by our generation, "The consensus is that this double standard is wrong, so -therefore- we should all have sex with as many people as possible."
act like a woman, think like a man?
source: sex, drugs, cocoa puffs

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

come over.

we will airplane.

those smiles.

when you get that text, that look, that memory. I die for those smiles. so thanks.

okay you twisted my arm.

I'm sorry.

lay down and forget the world.

I wanna lay in hammock with you, which is weird because I don't know you. I do know you'll make everything much more spectacular. and you're already making me spin.

implicitly put: twitter.

twitter is like sushi. most hate it because it is weird. they come to love it, obsess over it and want everyone to try it once they too appreciate it. that's okay, ignorance is bliss and the unfamiliar is weird and hard for some.
I find myself wanting to and being asked to help people who don't know where to begin with twitter. so I thought I would post a few pointers. if you are an avid twitter user, this will come as nothing new. thanks for reading, and maybe share with that next person who calls twitter lame and a few months later asks what that 'number sign thing' is.