Thursday, July 29, 2010

the man has a point.


it's friday, which is no different then any other day whilst I am funemployed except... it's cottage time. and I am going to bobcaygeon which makes me nostalgic for the hip and all things good.
I need to stop turning away from pictures. it's a nasty habit I will regret when I am older.
tgif- get to some water.

I left your house this morning about a quarter after nine
coulda been the Willie Nelson coulda been the wine
when I left your house this morning
it was a little after nine
it was in Bobcaygeon I saw the constellations
reveal themselves one star at a time


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

never after.

Cinderella walked on broken glass, Snow White ran away to slave for seven old men, Belle fell in love with a beast, Pocahontas risked her life for a feast, Jasmine could have had anyone but she chose a poor man, and Ariel, she walked on land. Alice fell into a drug haze and Princess Aurora slept for days.

Monday, July 26, 2010

monday objectives.

Monday objectives are as follows:
Objective - I will improve health&body.
recent patio endeavors and comfort zones have caused me to go lax on things any modern girl should stay completely on top of.
I am a firm believer if you can't tone it tan it- it's summer people. get out in the sun, nothing is cuter than a glow. 
stay active- I don't go near hamster wheels- or 'gyms' as some people regular. so for me this means walking instead of street caring. stairs over escalator. easy.
eat brain food- THIS is going to be my hardest crack down considering my sick love for wings/nachos/mcdonalds. I will forever allow for patios (it's SUMMER after all) but I need to limit consumption to meals in glass ware simply put: spicy caesars. this will also help $$$$
nails/waxing/hair- $ is no excuse MAINTAIN you filthy animals.
finally the mental- always- explore the secrets of becoming a wildly disciplined, fiercely tender, ironically sincere, scrupulously curious, aggressively sensitive, blasphemously reverent, lyrically logical, lustfully compassionate Master of Rowdy Bliss. -gala

Friday, July 23, 2010



Thursday, July 22, 2010

blind leading the blind.

-godspeed lilo.

  1. the camera doesn't add ten pounds, ten pounds adds ten pounds
  2. if you can't tone it, tan it
  3. dear urban outfitters, enough with the slamming lock behind you doors. am I right!?
  4. fyi: every encounter you have is an interview or date. whether or not you know it; so just try and be likable at all times.
  5. don't smoke crack... ever.
  6. monogamy is possible, if you want it to be.
  7. if the best thing about him is that he likes you. move on. that's not enough.
  8. sometimes you have to make hard decisions that will make people angry. stand by your decision and be strong. you cant please everybody all the time. you have to take care of you first.
  9. date someone you would never normally date, just try it. who knows?
  10. if you are hanging out with your girlfriends and they both get cold and you don't, it means you are the fatty in the group

thank you imboycrazy.

status update.

thank you lelove

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

you give love a bad name.

tonight. tonight. tonight.


this trailer actually made me tear. this is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time, it reminds me of childhood and our protectors. our shelter from the storm. on the apple site look at the clip posted- my favorite bob dylan song is the basis. I just love this.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

nowhere boy.

brilliant. adorable. quirky.

Monday, July 19, 2010

dear boys.

a wonderful letter to a younger you from urban dater- 20 things I wish I  had known about women before puberty turned my life upside down

All women WANT to be wanted.
If they say otherwise,they’re lying to you.
Kneeing a girl in the crotch really does hurt.
They think about sex as much and sometimes more than you do…
All women have issues… Don’t be a judger, fella. So do you!
All women think they’re fat.
Don’t try to tell a woman she’s not fat. She won’t believe you.
Sleeping in the same bed with a girl with whom you wish to engage
in coitus is among the cruelest of cock teases.
Check her ID.
Nice guys do finish last…
Your woman will LOVE this about you, in bed.
Fortune favors the bold. Go after her!
She might break your heart. Hey! At least you tried!
Sometimes, life is about saying “at least I tried,” 
and not wondering about “What if.”
Love is a two way street. So is attraction.
If you can make a woman feel like the most interesting person
in the room, you win. This is also known as “listening.”
The most destructive force of nature are the boobies.
Don’t worry about it; she’s had better than you… 
and if she stays with you then she might be a keeper.
Don’t put the pussy on a damn pedestal.
Older women freaking rule!
Younger girls (not women, mind you) aren’t ready for you.
Know your “spots,” guys and you’ll be a hero.
Unless your woman isn’t really a woman or just a really kinky person,
she couldn’t possibly sodomize you in a theater.
(Bonus) You’re gonna be alright, man. Someone will love you...
even if you are a bit douchey from time to time. 
In all likelihood, many someones will love you.
Trust me on that.

maximize your social media platforms.

brilliant slides from my social media guru sidney eve matrix. how to connect across social media platforms- stretch your content and networks. what a successful facebook page entails- how to use twitter effectively and admirably.
check out cyberpop for the best digi savvy news.
image: brittney bush

sticky notes.

amazing short animation by hapanimation documenting his 'to do' lists. very self reflective and who am i? esque. reminds me a bit of my grade twelve final project. created with only black pen and over 2300 yellow sticky notes. I especially find the bunny 9/11 combination moving (1:34). enjoy.
thank you lorne.

manifesto of encouragement.

right now:
There are Tibetan Buddhist monks in a temple in the Himalayas endlessly reciting mantras for the cessation of your suffering and for the flourishing of your happiness.
Someone you haven't met yet is already dreaming of adoring you.
Someone is writing a book that you will read in the next two years that will change how you look at life.
Nuns in the Alps are in endless vigil, praying for the Holy Spirit to alight the heartsof all of God's children.
A farmer is looking at his organic crops and whispering, "nourish them."
Someone wants to kiss you, to hold you, to make tea for you. Someone is willing to lend you money, wants to know what your favourite food is, and treat you to a movie. Someone in your orbit has something immensely valuable to give you -- for free.
Something is being invented this year that will change how your generation lives, communicates, heals and passes on.
The next great song is being rehearsed.
Thousands of people are in yoga classes right now intentionally sending light out from their heart chakras and wrapping it around the earth.
Millions of children are assuming that everything is amazing and will always be that way.
Someone is in profound pain, and a few months from now, they'll be thriving like never before. They just can't see it from where they're at.
Someone who is craving to be partnered, to be acknowledged, to ARRIVE, will get precisely what they want -- and even more. And because that gift will be so fantastical in it's reach and sweetness, it will quite magically alter their memory of angsty longing and render it all "So worth the wait."
Someone has recently cracked open their joyous, genuine nature because they did the hard work of hauling years of oppression off of their psyche -- thisluminous juju is floating in the ether, and is accessible to you.
Someone just this second wished for world peace, in earnest.
Someone is fighting the fight so that you don't have to.
Some civil servant is making sure that you get your mail, and your garbage is picked up, that the trains are running on time, and that you are generally safe.Someone is dedicating their days to protecting your civil liberties and clean drinking water.
Someone is regaining their sanity. Someone is coming back from the dead. Someone is genuinely forgiving the seemingly unforgivable. Someone is curing the incurable.
thank you whitehottruth

Sunday, July 18, 2010

sunday secrets.

I think about you everyday.

Friday, July 16, 2010


be with good people. stay close to water.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

the hills: series finale.

the end of an era from laguna to the hills- mtv made a huge impact on what we know as tv and teen phenomenon reality shows. with a PERFECT ending. well done.
maybe the rest is still unwritten?
Finale scene in series finale of mtv's the hills *****spoilerrrrrr alert!


the idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.

practice and promote anticipation. write a letter. book a trip with a travel agent. knit. read a book. plan a party and use hand made invitations. remember when checking your mail box was a daily high, now it's a daily dread. remember thinking about what your first kiss would be like? looking forward to things are in many ways better than the end product. willpower can say a lot about an individual.
enjoy this hilarious video and smile.

Friday, July 9, 2010


you melt my popsicle. happy heat wave.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

art of living.

appreciate the smallest thing, whether it be a smile, a card, a fragrance in passing, a lovely view, a creature.
take care with the rituals of your life- the preparation of food, making your bed, baithing, dressing, phone calls to friends or family.
consider carefully effects on other people of all your actions, words, thoughts.
everything eventually comes back - multiplied.
cultivate an understanding of other culture's viewpoints. even when- especially when- it's difficult to put yourself in their place.
be thankful for every meal, every glass of fresh water, every comfort in your home.
thank you girlosophy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010


I thought, "Wait a second, could it be?" And now I know for sure, I just added two more guys to my wolf pack. Four of us wolves, running around the desert together, in Las Vegas, looking for strippers and cocaine. So tonight, I make a toast!