Tuesday, September 22, 2009

why blog?

Why blog, and what does it have to do with pop culture besides being trendy? On the surface, blog sites and twittering may seem very self absorbed and arrogant. There is a soapbox for every Geek, goth, frat boy and drama queen. Everyone has his or her chance to be heard. It appears to be quite egotistical to participate in any of these blogging forums, so why encourage it?
‘Blogs’ and ‘Blogging’ IS popular culture. The popularity of blogging is a result of it being so tangible. Anyone can be a participant and anyone can be a critic. The experts are no longer white collars behind desks, printing articles to make a buck. People blog about things they feel strongly about, for the simple reason of sharing their point. Things that are mentioned in more popular blogs therefore, become popular. If
Perez Hilton deems something ‘hot’ it’s hot. If fashionation.com says something is trendy, designers are running to get their version of this trend on the racks. Instead of products and services telling you what is popular- you tell them.

This is an excellent
article explaining the success of blogging and it’s effects on trendsetting and popular culture:

http://blog.urbandictionary.com/ a BLOG where everyone can be the author! Also note I had to carefully comb the definitions to find the one I found most appropriate…why? Because this is MY blog!)

Blog (blogging)- Once considered an 'online diary', has now become a new trendy word created for use on the internet to try and make something old and established look new and interesting and to make those who use the word seem relevant. What used to be called a forum where topics of the same subject or area of interest were discussed via posts are now called blogs. Those participating in these online discussions are referred to as bloggers and the act of doing so is called blogging. Check out these popular sites for examples: Twitter (twittering)- A form of chatline for social media "experts" to add thousands of random strangers and wank off to impress other social media "experts" by posting links to articles about the phenomenon of social media.
Perez Hilton & Fashionation.

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