Tuesday, February 2, 2010

right here. right now.

This video is the most powerful combination of facts and delivery I have seen to date. The author of Socialnomics, Erik Qualman produces the video about the growing use of social networking. The video is mostly shared on social networking sites such as YouTube, which makes it very ironic. My favorite part of information is that we live in a generation of consumers that do not tend to listen to advertisements. Trust is within the testimonials of real people who have experienced the advertised services and products. It makes complete sense; consumers in this social media savvy world are very smart. We watch commercials and then ask “Yah, but does that really work?”… followed by a bit of online research before we make a purchase.

photo credit: galessa's plastics, flickr.

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  1. Yikes. I believe in the revolution! Haha very cool video Kale (and that music just make it so intense too!)

    I agree with your analysis of the growing consumer intelligence in society. Trust is a great way to market a brand and by utilizing our friends to recommend products and advertisements, we are less inclined to be wary. I find it interesting that we also automatically trust strangers’ opinions, in the form of online product reviews. The underlying assumption is that the stranger is honest and has nothing to gain from posting their thoughts a product. However, I have to wonder if in the future (or even currently) that advertising firms will pay ‘regular people’ to write positive product reviews. Would this dilute the influence of trust marketing effects?