Sunday, June 27, 2010

three categories of relationships.

over a recent patio bevy with a close femme, talking politics of course- I have come to a three category system for relationships at this point in my life. there is the game, screwing, and love. the game entails one party playing 'the game' and the other getting played. usually one remains the game player and the one getting played doesn't realize until they find them selves falling in love - at which point the game ends and game player finds a new toy. screwing is a recipe for disaster but can also turn into love- at which point the screwing stops. get your mind out of the gutter - I am referring to screwing with one's mind. in this category- there is a lot of passion but there are also lots of mind games- calculations, a constant shift in power. love means texting five times in a row because you are not worried about what the other thinks- and neither do they, love works as long as it's both ways. 
find someone that always makes things better- the second someone adds stress or anything negative to your life they are not meant to compliment you, and that is everything a relationship should do.

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