Monday, July 19, 2010

dear boys.

a wonderful letter to a younger you from urban dater- 20 things I wish I  had known about women before puberty turned my life upside down

All women WANT to be wanted.
If they say otherwise,they’re lying to you.
Kneeing a girl in the crotch really does hurt.
They think about sex as much and sometimes more than you do…
All women have issues… Don’t be a judger, fella. So do you!
All women think they’re fat.
Don’t try to tell a woman she’s not fat. She won’t believe you.
Sleeping in the same bed with a girl with whom you wish to engage
in coitus is among the cruelest of cock teases.
Check her ID.
Nice guys do finish last…
Your woman will LOVE this about you, in bed.
Fortune favors the bold. Go after her!
She might break your heart. Hey! At least you tried!
Sometimes, life is about saying “at least I tried,” 
and not wondering about “What if.”
Love is a two way street. So is attraction.
If you can make a woman feel like the most interesting person
in the room, you win. This is also known as “listening.”
The most destructive force of nature are the boobies.
Don’t worry about it; she’s had better than you… 
and if she stays with you then she might be a keeper.
Don’t put the pussy on a damn pedestal.
Older women freaking rule!
Younger girls (not women, mind you) aren’t ready for you.
Know your “spots,” guys and you’ll be a hero.
Unless your woman isn’t really a woman or just a really kinky person,
she couldn’t possibly sodomize you in a theater.
(Bonus) You’re gonna be alright, man. Someone will love you...
even if you are a bit douchey from time to time. 
In all likelihood, many someones will love you.
Trust me on that.

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