Thursday, September 16, 2010

apt 101

when looking for an apartment, these should be your requirements: upper (which means it’s on the 2nd floor of a building or higher! there’s less chance of murder than if you live in a lower), hardwood floors (chic, classic, easier to clean, dirt/grime can’t hide like it can in carpet), parking spot (a MUST! looking for parking at 4am is a recipe for disaster! and by disaster i mean rape murder- and not necessarily in that order even! not having a parking spot is not safe, sexy, or smart), dishwasher (heroine for the lazy), washer and dryer on the premises! (makes life WAY easier then schlepping your bullshit rags from urban, American apparel, or forever 21 to some coin slot/homeless haven!), and last: location location location! (live somewhere where you feel safe and can easily walk to cool stuff – in case your car breaks down. IE: coffee shops, cute boutiques, a grocery store, etc.
thank you boycrazy
uh.. I had two. and the one's I didn't have ended in rape... yikes.

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