Wednesday, January 19, 2011

dear diary.

I was recently put off a little by blogging. the dear diary esque some people were getting. my lack of creativity stemmed from christmas or better known as, my hell on earth. with january comes jANOary and all these new years resolutions conclude with me feeling like a fat bridget jones. but! I've been reading lots and a new hurricane in my life has forced me to be inspired for the better. SO we are young and rich and free. boom.
my faith in love comes from my extreme happiness and excitement for the first one of my best friends getting MARRIED. literally got a ring on it. I know this glee will get old fast. but she is the first and her wedding is in the hot hot heat and my god I will dance with my other girls like 'a single girl at a wedding'. but in all seriousness, the above picture is a sham and to the love of my life...


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