Monday, June 27, 2011

inspiration is what you are to me.

Taking responsibility for yourself is so incredibly liberating, & here is why. It will show you what innate power you have within you. Look at all the things around you, good & not-so-good. You have attracted them into your life, whether you believe it or not. & in a worst case scenario, if you can create awful things for yourself, like horrible relationships, crappy jobs & a general sense of malaise & apathy, think what you could create if you focused your attention in a different way! What if, instead of thinking about how bad everything is all the time, you thought about how WONDERFUL life is? Because even if you look around yourself & see things which make you unhappy, surely you must acknowledge that the world is full of marvellous things too. There’s love & music & art, delicious food & springy green grass, snowflakes & puppy kisses, hula hooping in the sunshine & exploring new cities. There are fresh vegetables & false eyelashes, majestic mountains & elephants, dreams & adrenaline, sky-diving & gardening…
thank you gala.

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