Thursday, July 7, 2011

bathroom stall.

A quotation from jeffrey eugenides' (author of the virgin suicides) novel middlesex has recently stood out to me. I love finding meaning beyond the surface of things, especially those that concern identity and adolescence. In this case, the bathroom stall. The center of the universe for any high school, secrets are told and tears are cried. with more privacy than the locker room the bathroom stalls provide an isolation away from the chaos of high school. some discover their first period, others purge their last meal. some find safety and others fear harassment. eugenides writes "Where else would a girl like me, hiding from the world of knowledge she didn't quite understand herself - where else would she feel more comfortable than in this subterranean realm where people wrote down what they couldn't say, where they gave voice to their most shameful longings and knowledge?".

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