Friday, August 20, 2010

psycho youth.

I came across this photo and could not help but relate to it. No not because she is a fit blonde, haha, but the caption read psycho youth. this is exactly how I feel right now. trapped in my apartment, which is constantly a mess no matter how much it's cleaned. I am constantly in my underwear because it's too bloody hot for the pathetic air conditioner to work. Anyway, I know my roommates are feeling the same and for anyone else - you are not alone. we are at this extremely awkward transition in our life right now. finished university, but apparently unqualified for any decent job. some of us are moving out or crawling back home and there never seems to be enough money. just know psycho youth (yes we are still youth!) you are not alone. enjoy this time-- like the mother in almost famous says "take this time and do what you want with it". it's all happening.