Friday, February 25, 2011

implicitly inspiration.

my writing hiatus has been a result of my lack of inspiration. So I've been thinking about what inspires me... reading, traveling, the beach and people. traveling and reading have both been plentiful, the beach is covered in a glacial blanket, leaving people. I have always been fascinated by those who inspire and fascinate. Whether it's that kid in your class with the eccentric notebook, the always put together fashionista or that friend that always has cool music to share. 'the interview' is another extremely raw medium that any writer craves. completely first hand information in the form of dialogue. SO what I have decided (and now that I have posted have got to follow through with...) is I will start adding to my posts "implicitly: (people who inspire)". I will construct a series of quiz like questions, short bio and a picture of people who inspire.
here is the organic part... these are people you or I know. I have to pick them or a reader has to nominate them. everyone likes reading about more tangible people and it's proven that amateur porn is searched WAY more than professional porn.. so lets keep it natural.
I can already think of so many I want to do, and I promise to be brave and message those girl crushes on facebook and those dudes I can't even talk to in real life. please help! send me questions you'd want answered and people you want nominated and give me feedback.