Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my cell phone is my life... no really.

at dinner the other night I was checking my phone and my dad goes "do you know how rude that is?" and I thought and replied "No, not really". At this specific setting, eating dinner (in front of the tv mind you) with my dad- I did not feel it rude to check my messages. The eight hour work day simply does not exist to most people in the  modern work force. most meetings occur out of the work day and the key to success is communication. therefore it seems completely appropriate that my cell phone be with me at this casual dinner. 
Peter Gruber explains in the intimacy of the cell phone, "This instrument, a mobile phone, was kept close to my heart, viewed inches my eyes, and pressed next to my ear. Name something more intimate! It transmitted my aspirations, hopes and dreams. It fed back to me my wins and losses. It captured my most powerful moments"
"This isn't the end of that process. Change will come faster bringing more intimacy. All of your medical information will be on your mobile phone including monitoring your physical health. The Benjamins are going to disappear from your wallet and appear on your phone making it look increasingly like an electronic MBNA card. So it's now an instrument of success and survival - two primal pulls and pushes of our lives. Name something in your life that interests you more than your success and your survival?"

...both of these quotations are magnificent explanations for the next person that rolls their eyes at you when you check your bbm.

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