Tuesday, November 23, 2010

dear fifteen year old me.

I want to go back and shake the fifteen year old me.
the awkward one in the middle pictured above, at the mall on a saturday, wearing too much eye liner and a thug sweatshirt with tight jeans.
I want to tell her how pretty she is and how everything is going to be okay.
to never keep her opinions to herself, because they are all smart, challenging and unique.
I want to tell her to trust her friends because they will be there through everything and she's the luckiest girl in the world to have them.
to be nicer to her sister, she knows her better than anyone and needs her more than anyone.
to not worry about boys and all the heart aches because for every boy who breaks her heart she'll break a dozen of theirs.
to be nicer to her parents, they aren't out to get her and anything that happens after curfew is never really as cool as the kids make it sound.
I want to tell her that she is not as fat as she thinks. that fifteen year old body is something you will spend the rest of your life trying to get back.
and finally to not take everything so seriously. in the end you are so happy and it has nothing to do with how hard you worked, the parties you went to or who you dated (most of them end up losers). you are happy because of the amazing people in your life and the good things that come to you are just because of the amazing energy you put in the universe.
you still wear too much eyeliner... that hasn't changed.

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