Sunday, November 28, 2010

subway etiquette.

this was a long time coming. I firmly believe in not using a blog as a bitchfest but public transportation has become such an often and awful part of my daily existence I feel the need to make a few comments...
1.  do not eat on the subway. little snacks sure. I can’t eat while watching intervention/hoarders/dexter etc. and I consider the subway to be filled with real life characters of those programs.
2.  I will always give up my seat for seniors. But dear women- approximately late forties, early fifties ish just be happy you don’t look like a senior. Do not look at me with those judging eyes and think 'oh must be nice not to have grey roots,  no bags under your eyes and a tight little body'. I work just as hard as you and it is not my fault you're stuck with the walking dead twenty years later.
3. It is okay to laugh at a good nut, I’m not talking about some unfortunate case that suffers or has clearly been drinking mouth wash. But some one who puts on a good show, have a good chuckle. Recognize them as human, they are performing whatever song or prophecy for a reaction, and who couldn’t use a smile on the subway. 
4.  Guys picking up girls on the subway, don’t. That’s it, just don’t. The only thing we are thinking about on the subway is why the @#$! isn’t my boyfriend driving me, or I really need a dude with a car.
5. To the woman that hissed at me last week and moved to the opposite side of the car. WHAT!?  I was braiding my hair… gawd.
...more to come I am sure, would love your own comments and additions.



  2. i don't know about #4. i've had some boner-worthy moments on the subway in NYC.

    I don't know if Toronto is like this but there's certain standards to uphold and acknowledge depending on different subway lines too. if I was on the L train to BK on a friday night, I expect to eye-fuck dudes in tighter ripped jeans than me, storm trooper boots and obnoxious novelty t's. On the 6 going to the Upper East Side, I didn't stand a chance with the young profeshs unless I had a perfect manicure, coif and some awful bag with an obvious logo.

  3. thanks becky. this should also be made clear that the TTC in toronto is WAY less metro chic than the NYC subway.