Friday, October 1, 2010

blog on.

blogging is a hard game. only just now after a year of dedication am I finally getting recognized for it and it feels amazing. people commenting that they like it is always amazing, and now getting actually paid to do contract blogging- it could not be more fitting. so for any writers out there, I am still a rookie at this game but I have learned a few things that make it better. one, keep posting- the longer you go without posting, the less you think what you have to say is important. secondly, read lots. read the paper, read the metro, read blogs, read novels, read classifieds - just keep reading and you'll never lack inspiration. lastly, stay positive. it's hard explaining what you do and why you do it. blogging is such an ugly word and with pioneer sites like live journal people have a really nerdy emo take on what it means to blog. here is an excellent article called don't hold your breath waiting for a social media parade in your honor. very clever and one can relate as a blogger.
stay inspired whatever you do.

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