Tuesday, October 19, 2010

generation: all the single ladies.

Young twenty somethings are constantly be reminded to live life to the fullest. Gain all the experience in the world and for the love of all things good- do not settle down. While I believe it is important to make my decisions independently and approach all my goals with reckless abandon, is this 'I'm doing me' philosophy really what is best? The generations of women before us had less opportunities, but they do have beautiful loving families. By not having an open heart to build a relationship in our twenties, will that leave us settling? Pamela Newton of the Huffington Post writes...
 We were also raised to believe (implicitly, if not explicitly) that we should put the precious energies of our 20s and 30s toward building our own careers and racking up life experiences. 
The article describes how our generation's 'lust for life' is giving us an education, experiences and budding carreers, but are we completely ignoring companionship? 

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