Thursday, October 7, 2010

friend request: your mom.

 It is no secret the enormous increase of moms on facebook. every status update, every farmville invite and every wall post (that should really be a personal message), we shudder. Cyberpop offered detailed statistics of  millenial moms including, women with children at home are 60% more likely than average adults to be facebook or twitter users. is being online the new happy housewife valium? according to grow it's much more. A World Without Flaws - The Social Media Stepford Wives gives another perspective, one of community versus escapism. Stay at home mothers are able to connect and cope and help other mothers 'online' giving a higher sense of purpose and more social interaction besides kids.

*side note: I have been nannying the past couple weeks and can say from experience my iphone meaning twitter/blog/facebook have been my life lines to humanity.

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