Friday, March 25, 2011

email from the ex.

23 March at 17:13 
You are a nut bag.
A. You clearly did get this you probably just forgot who I was
B. I was not your frown leader bc we went to different schools
So what's new? Tell me something about your life these days and I'll
pretend to be interested like some sort of 'friend' or 'peer' or
something other than a hate filled ex who's sanity and hope for
hapiness was raped.
I saw that in an email today and had fun recreating it. In fact that
emoticon is the most fun I have had with you since imagining I rolled
you up in a carpet and threw you off a bridge.
Ex's and ew's
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thank you lilleyman

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  1. haha really funny. I would feel the same way but the other way around and maybe not that aggressive