Saturday, March 19, 2011

talk it over coffee.

everyone knows the therapy in a cup or coffee. the ritual in your morning brew. but did you know that it is actually proven by philosophers that some of your best thinking happens over a cup of coffee. Scott F. Parker and Michael W. Austin explain how, coffeehouse is one of the few places open to everyone where gathering and lingering are encouraged, where leisure (as distinct from entertainment) is a goal. This seems crucial. In our world of endless distraction and constant surface-level attention, coffee plays an interesting role. On the one hand, it contains caffeine, and the stimulation it provides can be used to live an even more kinetic life. On the other hand, drinking coffee can be one of your most intentional and deliberate acts. You take time out of your day to do something that brings you simple pleasure. And the fact that coffee is generally served hot helps because it requires that you pay attention -- you literally have to slow down to drink it. I think focusing like this, even just for 15 minutes at a time, is critical for mental health.
"One thing I want to encourage is treating coffee in this latter mode -- slowing down, enjoying it and using your coffee time for paying attention to the world--and the caffeine helps with this. Drinking coffee doesn't necessarily lead people to do philosophy, but I want it to give them a chance."
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  1. This is really interesting because since being in Sweden, my lifestyle has changed from face paced to completely the opposite. Because I have so little class time, I spend most of my days (unless travelling) in a little coffeeshop. I sit down. I read. I REALLY read. I listen to music. I write. I people watch. And of course, I drink coffee. It's made me realize that life goes too fast while I'm at home. Even the friendly people working at the coffee shop take things slower, make lattes more precicesly. They put foam art on the top, little hearts and leaves. And at first, this annoyed me, because common, I want my coffee now, hurry it up. But now I'm used to it. And it's really nice.