Friday, March 4, 2011

girls be girls. boys be gross.

I asked my best mate the other day after a casual dine with a suitor, "so0o what do you think?" and she said "...he's you, you guys are the exact same." I reply "I know right?!" smiling... she looks back at me and meets my eyes " he's a dude, it's not okay that you act alike." kinda taken back... I thought about it, and she is right. my background in women's studies always insisted there is an eternal double standard that is unfair, and I have whole heartedly agreed. but thinking more about it, maybe it's a good thing? maybe that keeps the balance of the men as men and the women as feminine. yes I realize ALL the panties in a knot if I were to share this back in one of my women's studies classes, how wrong gendering is.. .yada yada. but for the sake of promiscuity, maybe equality wasn't the best policy. chuck klosterman writes "for the past twenty-five years, culture has been obsessed with making males and females more alike, and that's fine. Maybe it's even enlightened. But what I have noticed- at least among young people- is that this convergence has most likely just prompted females to adopt the worst qualities of men. It's like girls are trying to attain equality by becoming equally shallow and selfish." He goes on to note how this has been absorbed by our generation, "The consensus is that this double standard is wrong, so -therefore- we should all have sex with as many people as possible."
act like a woman, think like a man?
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