Monday, April 19, 2010

cool is.

Cool is:
something sleek, simple and bold, that feels effortless.
to be the first, the original that starts a trend and is iconic.
forward-thinking, breaks boundaries, confident. Cool is the idea you wish you thought of first.
the audacity to be different for reasons that don’t need to be articulated & unconsciously achieving it.
cool is what stands up - what makes you take a notice and appreciate something beyond the norm. When you see a product or a design or creation and your mind just screams at the want of it - or the appreciation to understand it more fully - that is cool.
 cool is what makes you think twice.
 Cool is somthing that pops up in our minds when we see something positivly extraordiany!
 Cool makes you nod in agreement with all your senses, makes you grin and perhaps the goosebumbs follow. Cool penetrates beyond fake reactions, cool blows the dryness of your face, cool opens your eyes to walk away from it knowing that there is more than generic and monotonous garbage.
effortless style, a hint of madness and heaps of attitude
a mindset —being informed, relaxed, and expressing it effortlessly.
the word 'cool' is just confidence in aesthetic form.
wonderful, clever and beautiful. From oh wow, ahhh, I get it! to it would make me look *good*
Cool is a person not being affected by other peoples opinons, or behaviour -staying cool in a critical situation. A cool person stick to what he/she thinks is right no matter what. A person who works hard to appear cool is the oposite. 
the art of not needing to try to be it, of possessing enough confidence in your own ideas and style to turn heads.
the new ideal; it is moving confidently forward into a better future, assured that things to come will be better.
a person/place/thing pleasurable to observe as it appears to fulfill its nature effortlessly and with signature style the time you spend to define what cool is, cool is already gone somewhere else. Welcome in the tiring cycle of coolness. :)
We see 'cool' in things/ideas/people that have an innate and untouchable authenticity about them. Things that redefine genres. Spawn global fads and inflame our insatiable appetite for originality and roads even more less travelled than the ones before.
Remaining unaffected and composed in a world which is filled with trouble and uncertainty. Living with a constant Miles Davis soundtrack in the background, acting accordingly.
Cool is all that is authentic and artistic and is confidence without the arrogance... cool is connected to spirits that seek instead of is impossible to define because it's in a constant state of evolution.
Cool is something so attractive and inspiring that people want to appropriate for themselves and for their creations. It's a subjective concept.
 COOL is worth attention - remarkable, something to remember, outstanding, eye-catcher.
 cool is about being desirable! it can be new, old, something u found a new use. it's not cool if its not a desire!
Cool is not about trends or fashion, it's about being timeless and effortless.
Something that makes you feel like telling someone else about it.
Cool is only a momentary flash of brilliance ...Before it transforms to conventional.
When pessimistic people say something is cool, I pay attention and usually agree. It takes a lot to impress pessimism
Anything that is described by the advertising media as cool, isn't. 
Cool is an Outlier. Something that sits on the edge of normal thinking. Thinking outside of the square 
Cool is the emotion we feel at contemplating the few brave, who express their originality, being loyal to their true selves and exposing it by doing so. We would all like to dear to be cool, is an expectative, but not to be copied, but to be selfexpresed (there is not a cool thing, and a not cool: it depends on who/how they are generated)
 Cool is cool, defining it any further may just defeat the purpose...

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