Thursday, April 15, 2010

retro sound.

While all kinds of new technology is bombarding us day in and day out - it is nice to know the comforts of the originals are still in demand. Nostalgia in sound equipment is more common than one would think. Many old technologies are being re-released with updates more suited to our technological advancements, but still with the feel good old style of the past. AIAIAI and Kilo have done just this is the headphone department. “Audio fashion wear” as they call it. They display the retro funky style of the classic headphones, minus the profuse sweat from the mounds of foam padding. WeSC is another brilliant company, launching updated versions of the classic headphone.
Remember Boom Boxes? Well thanks to Nokia, you can plug your iPod in to this marvelous technology and bring your boom blaster with you anywhere.
Even further back, the record player! Brionvega has released a super technology that resembles a futuristic record player. Its do-all capabilities include everything from playing 45s to DVDs.
The nostalgia of simply sitting in your family kitchen with the phone cradled between your neck and your ear, weaving the long spiraled cord between your fingers is in demand. YOUBZ has created that exact phone only with a USB attachment to plug into your wireless device. I love re inventing the old and making it applicable to today. I truly believe the saying “If it isn’t broken don’t fix it” does not apply here. Sound technology will keep moving forward, so can its original pieces.
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  1. I have seen lots of the old headphones being sold and sported around by many. I have asked people why they bought them and most said the thought it looked cool, and you actually got a fuller sound out of them. I was sold because, for me, it was the right mix of fashion and function. But the fashion part of this trend seems funny to me. It's vintage inspired, retro if you will. It's the same reason why skinny jeans and high wasted clothing is back. Life's a circle, with minor improvements, but the root remains the same. I have no doubt in my mind that this trend of old school will come in full blast - but in a few years we'll experience the itsy-bitsy all over again! But for the time being, I'd love to look into where I can get this new inspired futuristic record player!