Monday, April 5, 2010

grey gardens.

I can't help but feel a little 'edie' some days. Grey Gardens is a brilliant documentary on the two Edith Beals, by Albert and David Maysles, released in 1975. [Not to be confused with the newer version featuring Drew Barrymore]. The sad yet fascinating story of two socialites turned recluses. It pulls on your heart strings while picking at your psyche. Not how one would have expected the Aunt and Cousin of Jackie O, residing in East Hampton, New York to live and behave. Why is it that I find this movie somewhat refreshing every time I watch it? I think that some kind of universal law implies those most sought after and beautiful, seem to live in their own Grey Gardens. Beautiful cinematography. If A&E's Hoarders interest you, these are the originals with a hint of Sybil.
"To my mother and me, Grey Gardens is a breakthrough
to something beautiful and precious called life."
- Edie Beale, 1974
I relate to her fashion decisions all too well...

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