Wednesday, April 14, 2010

personal branding.

graduated. done school. post secondary education has ended. SO WHAT NOW?!
personal branding.
current issue: Being an avid member of Facebook, Blogger and Twitter I find myself CONSTANTLY battling with the idea of -is this appropriate? My Blog for instance, I like to think of it as a resume to potential employers- something that will benefit my career versus hinder it. So while I have extremely insightful blog posts about very real issues; I also, have posts about Lil Wayne and Chanel's latest collection. These are accurate representations of who I am and my interests- so what I am asking- should it be more of a professional resume? should I be omitting my interest in lil weezy (much like my exclusion of my employment at Philthy McNastys on my real resume)? Should I tailor it to put out a more polished version of myself?
 I am interested to know what recruiters of our field look for, originality or professionalism?

THIS is a briliant article on open content and blogs. read if interested.

re: status updates - I am completely hypocritical. 
While a status update such as: 

"Jane- standing in the rain so no one can see my tears."

...make me want to barf. 

Yet, I am completely guilty of rushing to my iphone to update status' such as: 

kale - "In Los Angeles" to tell the world.

shameful?...yes. will it change? probably not. 
Again- a blog is your soap box- use it. Just don't use it as a whining device

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  1. I don't think you should omit things that make up you! This is your blog, its a personal form of journalism, it's you! You should write about whatever you want and, since this is your field and maybe you are pursuing a career in media, then this is what people must be looking for! It's professional enough, there is nothing here that would hinder your employment, but simply intrigue employers. They must want fresh ideas, not censored ones! Leave the tailored professionalism to your resume, and leave this for them to get to know you!