Thursday, April 22, 2010

public property.

Is there any privacy anymore? I love the connectivity modern social networking sites have provided. But I can't help but feel skeptical myself; sharing everything from pictures to locations on networking sites. It is insane how fast and furious this market has exploded. A couple years ago people were skeptical of making purchases online. Now people are recording everything from work out logs to location updates; thus becoming public property of the world wide web. One can publish information about literally anything, and there is already a site dedicated to it. Post one's travel schedule on Dopplr, DNA profile is available on, and one can make public everything you spend with your Chase Mastercard, along with your spending at Netflix, iTunes and, and, are the root of this 'share everything' world., founded in London but moving to San Francisco, asks users to publish a picture a day. “It’s the richest and quickest way to share how you are doing and what you are feeling,” said Brian Pokorny, a Silicon Valley investor who recently became the company’s chief executive. Or my personal favorite is Barry Borsboom's, who this year created an intentionally provocative site called Please Rob Me. The site collected and published Foursquare updates that indicated when people were out socializing — and therefore away from their homes. I think that like any technology, this new update crazy world we have come to live in will definitely change not only marketing for companies but create a new tier in law, in regards to the dangers of such access of information.
Source: NY Times April 22 Image flickr: Alcides Fonseca

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