Thursday, December 16, 2010

ghetto family.

I MISS THIS... it's different than a 'miss' you feel for someone you don't see often or an old boyfriend. there are books and love blogs to get you through break ups. you can skype for more realistic visits with loved ones who are far. but what I am talking about is missing your flat mate(s) or as my university commonly called it 'house mates'. the family you create in your home away from home for four years of your life. waking up every day together, going through heart breaks, psychotic exams and amazing parties. why is there no therapy for this break up? It was definitely my most fulfilling relationship. and it really blows how we took for granted all living mere kegs distances apart. enough with the cloning scientists... I need more focus on tele-transportation.
I miss... sitting on roofs. bonfires. stupid costumes. cheap beer. bad music. and you. 


  1. aaaand. i almost cried. i don't eva wanna leave. touch your nose and beam to me please.

  2. cried.

    miss isn't even the word.

    i long for it.