Tuesday, December 7, 2010

taken seriously.

penny lane said never take it seriously. she said this because she knew what happened when you actually take it seriously.
I tend to hear a lot from guys I really fall for I'm not looking for anything serious. 
so maybe I am the one not to be taken seriously.
penny lane wasn't as smart as she pretended either.

1 comment:

  1. how can we not take it seriously though ... i dont get it. i wish i could. guys can go around thinking with their dicks .. its not exactly fair that they have two heads. how are we supposed to separate ourselves from the seriousness of it all when everything is trapped inside one single circle. i think i am going crazy. it would hurt a lot less if we could just not care. but if i didn't care then i wouldn't do any of it. i always care.. it's always in there. everything is one big flow.. body and mind and soul. it is all just me. how can you not get attached. i think people are liars. it seems unfathomable to me that you can build a close relationship and then say it means nothing. and how can you look at someone straight in the eyes and clobber them with carelessness simultaneously.

    and just because im sad doesn't mean i'm not happy. so don't give me that you poor girl look.