Tuesday, December 14, 2010

smart phone etiquette.

an extremely popular topic of debate is the use of smart phones over meals. there is nothing worse than wanting to have an important conversation with someone who is busy updating their twitter status. an easy solution is agree at the beginning of the meal (with a friend) the degree of casualness it will be, a phone glancing meal or a ringer off one. In general, any kind of first impression (date) or meal with those of older generations (who are not used to being attached to these devices) it is better to check your messages on a bathroom break. a great issue brought up in the ny times is should google be allowed at dinner?  "What if a few clicks of the smartphone can answer a question, solve a dispute or elucidate that thoughtful point you were making? What if that PDA is not being used to escape a conversation but to enhance it?" interesting.

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