Friday, December 17, 2010

heart breaker.

In a recent interview for thefabric katie boland is asked "what is the worst thing that has happened to you that most inspired you?" her answer genuinely brought me to tears on a level I can relate far too well. I always wonder if I find someone to keep me at home more, will I lose this fascination for all things love?
she answers "heartbreak. everything... man, I have so much in my life because of being heart broken. I owe pretty much how my life looks right now to having my heart broken. I took one of my old boyfriends out for lunch recently and thanked him so much for everything because without him I never would about started writing, I feel like I have a deeper understanding about myself and the world and a bunch of other bs about becoming a better artist... when you are heart broken especially for the first time, you think that nothing will ever make you feel better and so to know that you can get through that it was such a learning experience for me. and makes me feel really optimistic about the future. so thank you men"
watch the beautiful video on thefabric and read more of katie's wisdomosity here.
photo credit: arden wray

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