Monday, December 13, 2010

the paris paradox.

It only takes a girl a few seconds to realize what someone else may want from her sexually. It often takes her much longer to figure out what she really wants, to discern the pleasure she gets from bringing pleasure to another from the pleasure she wants for herself. And once she’s figured that out, it’s vital to work to create a culture where she can articulate that want without shame. That’s part and parcel of what it means to stand up for sexuality — and stand against sexualization.- hugo schwyzer.
thank you gala.


  1. very true. BUT didn't you post a while ago that you "would never call someone the N-word," but that you call girls sluts "and much worse"?? how can you post this when you call other girls sluts?

    you simply cannot work to "create a culture where [a woman] can articulate [what she wants] without shame" when you're calling other girls demeaning names that correspond to their sexual choices.

  2. I would never call someone a slut out of mean intention. My point in the previous post was I understand using the term as a joke. Calling my friend slutty when she comes in the next morning and vice versa. Parallels to rappers calling each other the n word. A form of returning the gaze, taking what's been used to maintain hegemony among groups and using it for fun. It's empowering.
    Thanks for commenting!